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SMS Backup + (click to download scan image)

Its another very useful application for Android based phone. its synchronizes contacts, SMS and call log with gmail account if you have one. Hence , any change in phone etc is easy without worry about carrying along your existing data. Available from andriod market.

Instant Heart rate Monitor for Andriod

Instant Heart Rate monitor is a nice little application for andriod phone which can determine your heart rate in roughly 10 seconds to sufficient accuracy for informational use. Works on a principle that I believe few of the non medical students are aware of, that the skin changes color slightly with every heart beat and as the application text says , a principle used in pulse oximeter. Whatever the technology behind it, this works.. :)

gscan2pdf for linux

Very useful scanning tool for linux. Almost compares to HP scan center (in windows) for maximum used features for a general computer user. So, if you are on linux and usually scan documents and pictures then this is an application not to be missed.

Eclipse IDE

Eclipse IDE is a development environment for programmers with plugins for various languages. I have basically used it for PHP development and find it very useful as an integrated environment. Its available for most operating systems.