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How to use windows appications in Linux (Wine for linux)

One biggest thing that stopped me from using linux as operating system was how I would use my favourite applications from windows !! Well in the current scenario, a solution to this comes in form of "Wine" software for linux wherein you can run applications of windows in Linux environment. The advantage linux (ubuntu in my case) gives is that it take quarter the time to boot up and net is much much faster than windows. Plus its entirely free to use with great interface.

Ubuntu 9.04

Just tried out this Ubuntu 9.04 release (Jaunty Jackalope) which is a debian linux operating system. You can go to the link to see what ubuntu website has to say. The one I installed was a Jaunty Jackalope release. Infact it installed quite smoothly and with slight tweaking , my wireless lan WG111v3 works perfectly well to make ubuntu my preferred choice for net browsing. Amazingly , I found my wireless lan signal in exactly same position as 87% from linux and 65% from windows. Now thats a mystery if anyone can solve. Anyways, free distributions stand a good chance if good work done with Ubuntu is kept up in future. Very Impressive !!

Nokia E75 firmware update now available (version 110.48.125)

This software release includes several email improvements (setup, sync, connection reliability and readability) and automatic lookup added to Contacts. VoIP and Wi-Fi also have stability improvements. To get this software through your device, type in *#0000# on the home screen. Nokia Software Updater can be used from pc to update phone like in earlier models.

Cloud computing

Its the buzz word of industry today. With a host of benefits and innumerous opportunites as with every new innovation so to say, cloud computing is here to stay. Want to have a feel of how it works ? well not an full fledged thing but very near to it is "icloud " which absolutely free and does offer a mixed batch of limited applications for use. Do give it a try for the feel of what cloud computing environment will be like.

Bing Search

The new search engine from Microsoft "Bing" is more or less a familiar interface (arent most us familiar with google) with a background image. A feature to be noted is little description toward the right side of listing for a particular search. It is useful to rule out irrelevant searches and find more important ones. Worth a try !!

Microsoft Photosynth

A recent software from Microsoft though not a discovery for this page but nonetheless a remarkable tool for creating a 3 dimensional view of various photos of a scene. The software looks for similarities in a group of photos and creates a third dimension for one to rotate and explore the space. Requires MSN live account for operation.

PowerTools Lite - Registry Cleaner

Its a no frills registry cleaner with a user friendly interface. Included here for its simplicity and ease of use.